Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Best Films of 2016

We made it, everyone.  We made it through 2016.

It was a year of highs and lows insofar as the movies go, and like always, the dedicated staff of the General's Post was here to make sure you had as much support as possible in choosing your films for the year.  And so, as always, we are gathered once more to review the best that this year had to offer.

2016 was an interesting year for many reasons, but in the context of film, it was not a particularly good one.  Not a catastrophic one the way that 2003 was or anything, but a year that, like several before it, did not reach the stratospheric highs that we saw in 2015, a year when two different movies were accounted masterpieces, and several more came close enough to touch.  2016's best films, on the other hand, lacked that perfect quality that truly great works of art possess, but that is not to say that they lacked all quality, nor that they should not be celebrated.  Indeed, this year it is all the more important to celebrate the great movies that found their way to us, the better to appreciate the diamonds that were granted to us among so much rough.

As with last year, my fellow silver-screen-warrior Corvidae saw many of the best (and worst) films that the year had to offer, and so we have both gathered to present our thoughts on the films that were.  The worst movies of the year will come in due time, but for now, hopefully you will all enjoy our little tribute to the best that 2016's cinema had to offer us, for despite their flaws, every one of these films are ones that we shall celebrate for a long time to come.

So sit back and relax, everyone, as the General's Post Presents:

The Best Films of 2016!!!

Next Time:  A bad year for films still yields good movies, but there is a different list to consider as well...

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