Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Best Films of 2017

And so another year ends, a year full of tumult and chaos, but also full of a whole host of great movies.  2017 was one of the finest years that cinema history records, with an absolute deluge of excellent films barraging moviegoers all year, from the hidden gems of Doldrums season, to the sparkling triumphs of Blockbuster season, to a searingly-good crop of award films in Oscar season.  All throughout, whatever the season or weather, we could count on staggeringly good films in a dozen different genres and styles.  And we're going to talk about them now.

So join us, once again, as General Havoc and Captain Corvidae gather to discuss the finest movies that the year 2017 had to offer us, and reminisce over the best times to be had in a movie theater in the year now past.  This is:

The Best Films of 2017!!!

Next Time:  2017 was, without question, the finest year for film I have ever seen.  But even the best year ever has its dark side...

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  1. Semi Live Tweeting here:
    - The Rock CAN sing. His songs in Moana are awesome
    - He can dance!!!


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