Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Worst Films of 2015

Big years mean big failures, and just as the best movies of 2015 were very, very good, the worst films of the year were all the worse for standing in their shadows, so much so that as with this year's best-of list, I felt that to recap them all in writing, even in song, would not do them proper justice.  For it is not enough to simply state that a given movie is bad.  In order to form an opinion worth having, it is necessary to analyze the reasons why the films in question failed.  To that end, I have once more asked my faithful and esteemed colleague Corvidae to ruminate with me on the films we saw this year that made us cry, or laugh, in all the wrong ways.  It was, after all, the least I could do after putting her through them all in the first place.

And so, at last, it's time for the show you have all (hopefully) been waiting for.  Without further ado, I present...

The Worst Films of 2015!!!

As before, I have thoughtfully provided the links below, so that you may all review what my opinion was on the movies in question:

Next Time:  We begin 2016 by paying homage to a screen legend, and in doing so, draw to a close the last promise made to us in the year now passed.

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